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Articles, Tutorials, and Gear Reviews

HUGE price drop on BMC Pocket: Now $495 for a limited time.
Want half off on Blackmagic pocket? Here you go!
Atomos Ninja Blade Monitor/Recorder Review
If you're in the market for a monitor and a recorder for 1080, this thing IS your shortlist if you're on a budget
The year of 4k: Is it time to leave 1080 behind?
Some obsess over pixels, is 4k just another obsession, or should you be replacing your 1080 camera?
Great documentary on Grips/Gaffers
Definitely worth a watch: "Below the Line: Grip & Electric"
What is Gaffer's/Gaff Tape?
It's one of the most treasured tools on a film/tv/theater production. You best get a roll (or 3)

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