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So what's the story?

It started with the thought: "Why aren't there better sites for the technical people of TV/Film to get exposure and find some gigs?" That got combined with: "and why isn't there a place where i can list who i am, what equipment i use, etc... and why not roll that up into a simple online network?".

And that was just the start... Needless to say, we have a tons of plans for the future, every one of those plans aims to be useful to the working creatives and technical people of TV and Film.

You also probably noticed how free it is! Enjoy that! We are thinking about some premium features for the future, but the vast majority of the site will remain free. How can you help us grow? Simply click on any of our Amazon links and buy anything you might have a need for. It helps us out bit by little bit and we greatly appreciate it!

Our goal is to be the most useful site to anyone working in TV/Video/Film, whether you're a filmmaker producing your own films, or a professional event videographer, a union crew member, or anything in between.

Have an idea or suggestion? Please let us know! We rely on the community to make this a better place for all and everyone is welcome to participate!

The fella you see in the tutorial videos is Darren, the resident video guy. He freelances in NYC, shooting corporate videos, independent films, charities, and many of the things in between. He also started up the NYC Filmmaker's Festival a few years back, because i guess he thought NY didn't have too many festivals it is... He has spoken at several seminars/events on the topics of emerging video tools such as DSLRs when they started to enter the video market.

This is what we do and love doing - and we're putting it to use here for you. (we expect hugs for it).