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$2.50 DIY Focus assist, alternative to follow focus 2013-10-23 by Darren Levine

It's dead basic, but quite effective. Don't want to shell out for a follow focus? Try this focus assist!

$25 Build your own pole pole with shock mount 2013-09-29 by Darren Levine

Boom poles can be expensive, so here's one you can make on your own for far less.

DIY Roller camera case, under $90, carry-on size with padded dividers 2012-11-23 by Darren Levine

Want an inconspicuous 22" roller camera case? Here's how!

DIY $14 Camera slide 2010-07-15 by Darren Levine

Here i'll show an absurdly inexpensive slider you can build for under $20 with common parts.