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Nikon takes a bold, 360 degree step into the Action Camera market 2016-03-28 by Darren Levine

Will 360 become the new thing?

Announced: Sony a6300, The new mirrorless 4K for $1K 2016-02-03 by Darren Levine

I've personally been eagerly awaiting this, and excitement is the word!

Nikon announces: D5 & D500, their new flagship DSLRs with crazy ISO 2016-01-06 by Darren Levine

Nothing can hide in the shadows anymore, we have reached the million ISO age.

Sony FS5: A little brother to the FS7 that packs a lot of the same punch 2015-09-11 by Darren Levine

Sitting between the fs700 and the FS7, the FS5 is by far the smallest and lightest, but with its own tradeoffs

GX8 Now Shipping: A 4K brother to the GH4 2015-08-24 by Darren Levine

A chunk less in price, and some new features make this an interesting choice over the GH4

Panasonic Announced DVX-200, a fixed lens 4/3 format camera 2015-04-13 by Darren Levine

The DVX100 has an official successor, and many will wonder why it's a fixed lens.

Blackmagic URSA Mini: Could this be the BM camera i've been waiting for? 2015-04-13 by Darren Levine

Up to 4.6K, and a THIRD the weight of the original URSA and Lower price!

DJI's Phantom 3 Drone Puts a stabilized 4k camera in a $1259 package 2015-04-08 by Darren Levine

If you've been waiting for a quality aerial video platform, this is worth a strong look

C300 Mark 2 announced, 4k, 15 stops DR, & Lots more 2015-04-08 by Darren Levine

The long awaited C300 mark 2 has come out from behind the curtain

New Canon XC10 4k camera announced with sample footage 2015-04-08 by Darren Levine

Looks like the FZ1000 and RX10 have some competition in 1inch sensor camera market

Pond5 Launches a Free Public Domain section. This is HUGE 2015-01-21 by Darren Levine

If you're a documentarian, or otherwise rely on older/public domain source materiel, Pond5 just did you a huge favor

CES 2015 4k camera announcements 2015-01-06 by Darren Levine

The 4k flood doors have opened. Look here for the list of cameras

News: Two ultra-wide & Fast lenses to watch out for: 11-20mm & 15-30mm F2.8 2014-12-28 by Darren Levine

They're wide, and they're fast, and my wallet is in severe danger

A Sub-$100 Mini Teleprompter? Yep, another kickstarter 2014-12-15 by Darren Levine

The Parrot attaches to the front of your lens, and uses a smartphone to display your text.

News Update: C100 Mark 2 Announced - no 4K, but a lot of improvements 2014-11-02 by Darren Levine

Canon doesn't do bleeding edge specs, but they do refine an already great camera

Which 4k cameras should you be looking at this winter? 2014-10-07 by Darren Levine

It's camera season, they're all ripe and ready for order/preorder

Gopro Hero4 series announced - More flavors, more powers 2014-09-29 by Darren Levine

Gopro is at it again with amping up its line of mighty little action cameras

Another BMC price drop: $500 off 4k camera 2014-09-03 by Darren Levine

For a limited time, get a nice chunk off of the production 4k camera

HUGE price drop on BMC Pocket: Now $495 for a limited time. 2014-07-16 by Darren Levine

Want half off on Blackmagic pocket? Here you go!

First Look: $899 4K Panasonic FZ1000 - The RX10 finally has competition, and it looks serious. 2014-06-12 by Darren Levine

The 1" sensor bridge camera market has been left mostly to the RX10, until now.

Just Announced: RX100 Mark 3 - The best point and shoot gets a tad better 2014-05-16 by Darren Levine

Did it really need a third version? There's some interesting answers to that

Canon Announces two new wide angle lenses: EF 16-35mm f/4L IS & EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM 2014-05-13 by Darren Levine

We've been told to expect lenses this year, and it's taken nearly half the year but we finally have some to look at!

Canon G1X Mark II 1.5" sensor, First look 2014-02-11 by Darren Levine

Targeted at the high end consumer, it's the largest sensor point and shoot you can buy