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$14 XCSOURCE 20pc step ring set Review 2016-02-16 by Darren Levine

Need lots of step ring options on the cheap?

Testing the Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone System 2015-11-12 by Darren Levine

Under $200 gets you this tiny wireless mic system which performs quite nicely

Reviewed: ~$200 IMORDEN 6.5ft Mini CarbonFiber Jib Arm 2015-11-06 by Darren Levine

Sometimes you just need a little jib, and a lot of the time you'd rather not spend a lot. This does just that.

First flights with the XIRO Xplorer Drone Quadcopter w/ 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal 2015-08-13 by Darren Levine

Another drone, another set of wings to fly with! This market newcommenr just might make an aerial splash

Kipon EF to M43 adapter with Autofocus Review: A Total Bust 2015-08-07 by Darren Levine

I had high hopes for this product, unfortunately mine does not work, and the manufacturer is unresponsive

Aries Blackbird X10: A $700 drone with a built in 1080p camera. Reviewed! 2015-05-01 by Darren Levine

Drones are all the rage, the blackbird X10 steps in with some nice features, but significant considerations.

TrekPak - A new type of organizer for your camera cases 2015-04-02 by Darren Levine

Better than pluck foam or padded dividers? Have a look!

$48 Leveling Base makes photo tripods a lot nicer to use for video work. Reviewed! 2015-03-30 by Darren Levine

Photo tripods don't have bowl levels like video tripods, but when you want light and fast, this adapter will help bridge that gap

Review: Kamerar VF4+, a $150 LCD Viewfinder 2015-02-05 by Darren Levine

It's priced right, it's built well, and has a large complement of features and adjustments

Tascam 70d review: A 4-XLR mixer/recorder for $299? Sure! 2014-12-01 by Darren Levine

If you're a DSLR shooter, or someone just getting into audio, this is worth a strong look

$13 Super mini clamp Review: It should be in everyone's camera bag! 2014-10-16 by Darren Levine

These little clamps can handily attach cameras/lights/audio/more to various surfaces

The Panasonic GH4 review - 4k for 1.8K 2014-09-23 by Darren Levine

If you're in the market for a low budget 4k DSLR, this camera is on a very short list

Atomos Ninja Blade Monitor/Recorder Review 2014-07-15 by Darren Levine

If you're in the market for a monitor and a recorder for 1080, this thing IS your shortlist if you're on a budget

$15 Light Bracket for swiveling/tilting/adding an umbrella to your small lights/flash 2014-06-26 by Darren Levine

Need to mount an umbrella? Need to angle the light? Want it to cost only 15 bucks? Keep reading.

Kamerar Pico plates, a $25 small 15mm clamp cheese/mounting plate. 2014-05-27 by Darren Levine

If you're in need of additional ways to add bits and pieces to your rig, these plates are darn useful.

Sony AX100 Review - Is this 4K camera just for consumers? Prosumer features may suggest otherwise. 2014-05-16 by Darren Levine

If you love pixels, 4k is your golden calf. The AX100 is one of the earliest 'affordable' real 4k cameras you can get your hands on.

Cheap and (pretty) good cage for the Blackmagic cinema & 4K cameras 2014-03-09 by Darren Levine

Looking for an inexpensive cage for your blackmagic (not pocket) camera? This one is about as affordable as they get, and works quite well

Full review of the Blackmagic 4K Production camera. Video & text review 2014-02-21 by Darren Levine

The bang for the buck is incredible, but so are the headaches.

Sony RX10: A truly first of it's kind bridge camera with a versatile lens and tons of good details. Review 2013-12-02 by Darren Levine

Sony RX10 review & clips

Finally, an ultra small on camera mic that doesn't suck. 2013-10-07 by Darren Levine

I was looking for the smallest possible on camera mic for decent scratch audio, and i finally found it.

$200 4ft ultraportable minijib 2013-09-13 by Darren Levine

Taking a look at one of the cheapest, lightest, most portable jibs. Does it suck?

Review of Wasabi power Non-OEM batteries for your camera. 2013-09-06 by Darren Levine

A look at Wasabi power, a company that makes non-oem batteries.

$5 Rubber lens hoods/sunshades - Collapsible with 3 stages. 2013-08-10 by Darren Levine

Cheap screw on lens hoods for when matte boxes are too much

$210 Audio Technica AT897 Shotgun microphone Filmmaking Review 2013-04-23 by Darren Levine

My original workhorse shotgun mic.

$20 Mic power capsule for any 3.5mm 1/8" Microphones. Solves Canon C100 issue 2013-04-03 by Darren Levine

Got a camera with a powerless 3.5mm jack? this juices it up!

$3 Rain sleeve for your DSLR or small video camera - Filmmaking Review 2013-03-23 by Darren Levine

These cheap sleeves protect your camera. Buy millions of them.

Canon C100 - a short review for an amazing camera 2013-03-20 by Darren Levine

$40 tripod with 'fluid pan' ballhead, 17LB rated capacity - Review - Filmmaking 2013-03-17 by Darren Levine

It's a darn cheap tripod that's nearly all metal and comes with a respectable ballhead. What more can you want for $40?

$40 SDI-HDMI converter test & review 2013-02-23 by Darren Levine

Need to get SDI into your HDMI monitor? Here's the cheapest option

Legends of Light: Noise tests of a Canon C100, 5D mark 2, & Sony EX1 2013-02-10 by Darren Levine

Low light comparisons of 3 iconic ISO performers.

$200 Review of Cavision rig with shoulder pad, handgrips, rods & camera plate 2013-01-10 by Darren Levine

It's a rig, it's cheap, it is quite configurable, let's have a look.

Affordable Carbon Fiber 12' boom pole review 2013-01-06 by Darren Levine

Taking a look at an affordable ultra lightweight boom pole

Opteka $80 shoulder stabilizer Review 2012-12-23 by Darren Levine

This all metal and rubber stabilizer is impressive for the price, let's sexy review it.

$4 Power your Camera / Monitor / Light with AA batteries: 12v battery holder clip 2012-12-14 by Darren Levine

They cost a few dollars, they work with many cameras/monitors/lights, and just might save you in a time of need.

Under $30 RJ Matte Box / SunShade Review 2012-12-10 by Darren Levine

In this review we'll take a look at a matte box/sun shade for under $30.

$9 CF/SD card holder, Holds 12 cards, water tight, armor protective. 2012-11-23 by Darren Levine

With these cases being so inexpensive, there's really no excuse to be using the standard dinky plastic cases that come with CF/SD card retail packages

$8 DSLR Flash grips - Add stability to your handheld camera shots 2012-11-10 by Darren Levine

Want a cheap, simple, effective way to stabilize your handheld shots?

Ultra Portable Light Stands - Fits in a camera bag, goes to 80" 2012-10-23 by Darren Levine

Light stands for ultra portable needs

$17 Nikon lens to Canon body adapter with Aperture Control 2012-08-06 by Darren Levine

You have nikon lenses, and you want to use them on your canon camera. No problem!

$7 Hard drive storage case Review - Protect your bare 3.5" hard drives 2012-05-23 by Darren Levine

Need to store your bare drives safety? These cases do the trick.

$60 Hoodeye LCD Viewfinder with diopter & flip up Review 2012-03-13 by Darren Levine

In this product review, we'll see how the Hoodeye LCD viewfinder holds up to scrutiny.

$99 RJ Follow focus unit - Low Play and dampened 2011-10-16 by Darren Levine

In this review we'll take a look at a nicely made follow focus unit which costs under $150

Review of Kamerar 7" articulating/Israeli arm lcd/camera mount for $18 2011-05-23 by Darren Levine

In this product review we'll take a look at a neat little israeli arm/mounting arm which costs barely 20 dollars.