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Using a rubber band to get smoother pan/tilt on your tripod 2013-11-23 by Darren Levine

A nifty trick, it uses a regular rubber band which will improve the smoothness of your lower end tripod head

How to cheat your tripod as a short dolly/jib kinda thing 2013-10-26 by Darren Levine

Take a look at how removing one of your tripod legs can give you this interesting motion

How to compose your shots 2013-10-26 by Darren Levine

Plopping the camera down and hoping for the best, won't get you the best of shots.

How To Set Up 3-Point Lighting for Film, Video and Photography 2013-10-16 by Darren Levine

This is the first concept to learn when getting into lighting design

Learn about lighting ratios 2013-10-09 by Darren Levine

A great basics of just one of the keys to lighting

What is the 180 Degree rule, and how does it apply to my scene? 2013-10-02 by Darren Levine

These two videos should give you a clear understanding of one of the most basic principles of camera placement

Adjusting your exposure in a high light situation 2010-08-23 by Darren Levine

Is your image overexposed? Here in this quick tip we'll go over the various ways you can control the light coming into your camera to achieve proper exposure.