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Getting started with Color Correction & Color Grading 2015-03-31 by Darren Levine

Yes, they are two separate things, and here are some of the best articles for learning them

7 Ways to Hide a Lavalier Microphone, by Izzy Hyman 2015-03-13 by Darren Levine

If you're new to using lavaliere mics, studying up on how to hide them on talent is a valuable thing indeed.

The power of the Actor: Choosing the right talent is critical for your film's success. 2014-08-26 by Darren Levine

Let's talk about how you really need to take the casting of your film a LOT more seriously.

How to use Camera Raw to grade video in Adobe CC 2014-07-31 by Darren Levine

Giulio Calisse shares a great new function in CC: The ability to use camera raw for video files!

The year of 4k: Is it time to leave 1080 behind? 2014-07-09 by Darren Levine

Some obsess over pixels, is 4k just another obsession, or should you be replacing your 1080 camera?

Great documentary on Grips/Gaffers 2014-07-08 by Darren Levine

Definitely worth a watch: "Below the Line: Grip & Electric"

Celebrities on Kickstarter: Why Spike Lee's campaign was a successful failure 2014-05-19 by Darren Levine

Celebrities using kickstarters is a big debate, and sometimes it can get rather offensive. This article is one of those times.

What are parfocal lenses and why do we video folk want them? 2014-04-23 by Darren Levine

Have you ever zoomed with a photo lens, and it went out of focus as you zoomed?

Lighting vs Exposing, why super sensitive cameras does NOT mean you don't need lights. 2014-01-27 by Darren Levine

Richard Michalak gives a great rundown of the basics on constructing your film/video 2013-11-23 by Darren Levine

If you have 40 minutes to sit and learn, Hugh goes through a large chunk of the essentials of good filmmaking.

Alfred Hitchcock On Mastering Cinematic Tension 2013-08-23 by Darren Levine

Location, Location, Location: Scouting Tips 2013-07-23 by Scott Spears

In this tutorial, we'll go over tips, techniques, and the process of finding locations for your shoot.

Gunstock stabilizers for DSLRs & Video cameras 2012-10-26 by Darren Levine

One of the lesser known rig types for keeping your camera steady and your body less fatigued

Tips for getting your film accepted into a film festival. 2012-10-16 by Darren Levine

In this tip, festival director Darren Levine goes over in detail how they select the entrants and winners of the NYC Filmmakers Festival.

How focus distance affects Depth Of Field 2011-10-16 by Darren Levine

In this quick tip we'll go over how adjusting the focus ring of your camera will affect how much of the image is in focus.

Video codecs: What to know, how they work, and what to use. 2011-07-13 by Darren Levine

Here we'll talk a bit about codecs and some of the very basics you should know about them and how they affect your film/videos quality and size.

DSLR Crop Factor & What makes Depth Of Field 2010-11-13 by Darren Levine

In this (sort of) quick tip, we'll go over just what the crop factor is for sensor sizes, as well as how that and lenses play a role in creating the Depth Of field.

Lens Aperture: What is it, How to use it, What you need to know for Photo/Video/Film 2009-04-13 by Darren Levine

In this quick tip we will go over the raw basics of how the lens aperture controls the light entering the camera, as well as some considerations you should be aware of when adjusting it.