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Regardless if you are a videographer, professional photographer, or just looking to learn the basics, check out the videos below to learn core concepts of your craft!

If you would like to see a particular topic covered, please contact us!

7 Ways to Hide a Lavalier Microphone, by Izzy Hyman 2015-03-13 by Darren Levine

If you're new to using lavaliere mics, studying up on how to hide them on talent is a valuable thing indeed.

Review: Kamerar VF4+, a $150 LCD Viewfinder 2015-02-05 by Darren Levine

It's priced right, it's built well, and has a large complement of features and adjustments

Pond5 Launches a Free Public Domain section. This is HUGE 2015-01-21 by Darren Levine

If you're a documentarian, or otherwise rely on older/public domain source materiel, Pond5 just did you a huge favor

CES 2015 4k camera announcements 2015-01-06 by Darren Levine

The 4k flood doors have opened. Look here for the list of cameras

News: Two ultra-wide & Fast lenses to watch out for: 11-20mm & 15-30mm F2.8 2014-12-28 by Darren Levine

They're wide, and they're fast, and my wallet is in severe danger

A Sub-$100 Mini Teleprompter? Yep, another kickstarter 2014-12-15 by Darren Levine

The Parrot attaches to the front of your lens, and uses a smartphone to display your text.

Tascam 70d review: A 4-XLR mixer/recorder for $299? Sure! 2014-12-01 by Darren Levine

If you're a DSLR shooter, or someone just getting into audio, this is worth a strong look

News Update: C100 Mark 2 Announced - no 4K, but a lot of improvements 2014-11-02 by Darren Levine

Canon doesn't do bleeding edge specs, but they do refine an already great camera

$13 Super mini clamp Review: It should be in everyone's camera bag! 2014-10-16 by Darren Levine

These little clamps can handily attach cameras/lights/audio/more to various surfaces

Which 4k cameras should you be looking at this winter? 2014-10-07 by Darren Levine

It's camera season, they're all ripe and ready for order/preorder

Gopro Hero4 series announced - More flavors, more powers 2014-09-29 by Darren Levine

Gopro is at it again with amping up its line of mighty little action cameras

The Panasonic GH4 review - 4k for 1.8K 2014-09-23 by Darren Levine

If you're in the market for a low budget 4k DSLR, this camera is on a very short list

Another BMC price drop: $500 off 4k camera 2014-09-03 by Darren Levine

For a limited time, get a nice chunk off of the production 4k camera

The power of the Actor: Choosing the right talent is critical for your film's success. 2014-08-26 by Darren Levine

Let's talk about how you really need to take the casting of your film a LOT more seriously.

How to use Camera Raw to grade video in Adobe CC 2014-07-31 by Darren Levine

Giulio Calisse shares a great new function in CC: The ability to use camera raw for video files!

HUGE price drop on BMC Pocket: Now $495 for a limited time. 2014-07-16 by Darren Levine

Want half off on Blackmagic pocket? Here you go!

Atomos Ninja Blade Monitor/Recorder Review 2014-07-15 by Darren Levine

If you're in the market for a monitor and a recorder for 1080, this thing IS your shortlist if you're on a budget

The year of 4k: Is it time to leave 1080 behind? 2014-07-09 by Darren Levine

Some obsess over pixels, is 4k just another obsession, or should you be replacing your 1080 camera?

Great documentary on Grips/Gaffers 2014-07-08 by Darren Levine

Definitely worth a watch: "Below the Line: Grip & Electric"

What is Gaffer's/Gaff Tape? 2014-06-30 by Darren Levine

It's one of the most treasured tools on a film/tv/theater production. You best get a roll (or 3)

$15 Light Bracket for swiveling/tilting/adding an umbrella to your small lights/flash 2014-06-26 by Darren Levine

Need to mount an umbrella? Need to angle the light? Want it to cost only 15 bucks? Keep reading.

First Look: $899 4K Panasonic FZ1000 - The RX10 finally has competition, and it looks serious. 2014-06-12 by Darren Levine

The 1" sensor bridge camera market has been left mostly to the RX10, until now.

Kamerar Pico plates, a $25 small 15mm clamp cheese/mounting plate. 2014-05-27 by Darren Levine

If you're in need of additional ways to add bits and pieces to your rig, these plates are darn useful.

Celebrities on Kickstarter: Why Spike Lee's campaign was a successful failure 2014-05-19 by Darren Levine

Celebrities using kickstarters is a big debate, and sometimes it can get rather offensive. This article is one of those times.

Just Announced: RX100 Mark 3 - The best point and shoot gets a tad better 2014-05-16 by Darren Levine

Did it really need a third version? There's some interesting answers to that

Sony AX100 Review - Is this 4K camera just for consumers? Prosumer features may suggest otherwise. 2014-05-16 by Darren Levine

If you love pixels, 4k is your golden calf. The AX100 is one of the earliest 'affordable' real 4k cameras you can get your hands on.

Canon Announces two new wide angle lenses: EF 16-35mm f/4L IS & EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM 2014-05-13 by Darren Levine

We've been told to expect lenses this year, and it's taken nearly half the year but we finally have some to look at!

What are parfocal lenses and why do we video folk want them? 2014-04-23 by Darren Levine

Have you ever zoomed with a photo lens, and it went out of focus as you zoomed?

Cheap and (pretty) good cage for the Blackmagic cinema & 4K cameras 2014-03-09 by Darren Levine

Looking for an inexpensive cage for your blackmagic (not pocket) camera? This one is about as affordable as they get, and works quite well

Full review of the Blackmagic 4K Production camera. Video & text review 2014-02-21 by Darren Levine

The bang for the buck is incredible, but so are the headaches.

Canon G1X Mark II 1.5" sensor, First look 2014-02-11 by Darren Levine

Targeted at the high end consumer, it's the largest sensor point and shoot you can buy

Lighting vs Exposing, why super sensitive cameras does NOT mean you don't need lights. 2014-01-27 by Darren Levine

What is a C stand? 2014-01-22 by Scott Spears

Here Scott will give you a rundown on this essential bit of lighting/grip equipment

Creating Lust: How to sell yourself to clients 2014-01-03 by ClientsFromHell

Acquiring new clients isn't as simple as introducing yourself, Here are few guidelines to make better client relationships

How to raise rates 2013-12-10 by ClientsFromHell

Many people think they should lower their rates so they can be more competitive, here's some other ways to look at it.

Sony RX10: A truly first of it's kind bridge camera with a versatile lens and tons of good details. Review 2013-12-02 by Darren Levine

Sony RX10 review & clips

Using a rubber band to get smoother pan/tilt on your tripod 2013-11-23 by Darren Levine

A nifty trick, it uses a regular rubber band which will improve the smoothness of your lower end tripod head

Richard Michalak gives a great rundown of the basics on constructing your film/video 2013-11-23 by Darren Levine

If you have 40 minutes to sit and learn, Hugh goes through a large chunk of the essentials of good filmmaking.

What is Pulling Focus & Rack Focusing? Filmmaking Tutorial 2013-11-22 by Darren Levine

In this Glossary tip, we'll define what it means when someone says to pull focus, or to rack focus.

How to cheat your tripod as a short dolly/jib kinda thing 2013-10-26 by Darren Levine

Take a look at how removing one of your tripod legs can give you this interesting motion

How to compose your shots 2013-10-26 by Darren Levine

Plopping the camera down and hoping for the best, won't get you the best of shots.

$2.50 DIY Focus assist, alternative to follow focus 2013-10-23 by Darren Levine

It's dead basic, but quite effective. Don't want to shell out for a follow focus? Try this focus assist!

Anatomy Of Story: An in depth interview with writer John Truby 2013-10-21 by Darren Levine

Listen to this seasoned writer set some things strait for aspiring writers

How to create a shot list 2013-10-19 by Darren Levine

A shot list is a simple yet essential part of filmmaking, and you can learn how to do it in just a few minutes.

Intro to Documentary Editing seminar. 2013-10-16 by Darren Levine

Documentaries require a different approach than typical films, and this is a great seminar on that process.

Lights: you need them, even if you're broke. So here's some affordable options 2013-10-16 by Darren Levine

How To Set Up 3-Point Lighting for Film, Video and Photography 2013-10-16 by Darren Levine

This is the first concept to learn when getting into lighting design

The old but brilliant acting class taught by Michael Caine - Full length 2013-10-13 by Darren Levine

If you haven't watched this, and you're an aspiring actor, i'd consider it a must.

Learn about lighting ratios 2013-10-09 by Darren Levine

A great basics of just one of the keys to lighting

Finally, an ultra small on camera mic that doesn't suck. 2013-10-07 by Darren Levine

I was looking for the smallest possible on camera mic for decent scratch audio, and i finally found it.

The Cutting Edge - The Magic of Movie Editing, a doc about editing 2013-10-06 by Darren Levine

This is a great doc which gives you a good insight into what editing is and what it is not.

Syd Field Screenwriting Workshop 2013-10-03 by Darren Levine

If you watch just one workshop on writing, this is it. (but you should watch more too...)

What is the 180 Degree rule, and how does it apply to my scene? 2013-10-02 by Darren Levine

These two videos should give you a clear understanding of one of the most basic principles of camera placement

What not to show in documentaries: Werner Herzog speaks about gruesome footage. 2013-10-01 by Darren Levine

Herzog implores you to exclude footage that is just too much.

$25 Build your own pole pole with shock mount 2013-09-29 by Darren Levine

Boom poles can be expensive, so here's one you can make on your own for far less.

$200 4ft ultraportable minijib 2013-09-13 by Darren Levine

Taking a look at one of the cheapest, lightest, most portable jibs. Does it suck?

Review of Wasabi power Non-OEM batteries for your camera. 2013-09-06 by Darren Levine

A look at Wasabi power, a company that makes non-oem batteries.

Alfred Hitchcock On Mastering Cinematic Tension 2013-08-23 by Darren Levine

$5 Rubber lens hoods/sunshades - Collapsible with 3 stages. 2013-08-10 by Darren Levine

Cheap screw on lens hoods for when matte boxes are too much

Location, Location, Location: Scouting Tips 2013-07-23 by Scott Spears

In this tutorial, we'll go over tips, techniques, and the process of finding locations for your shoot.

What are appleboxes? Filmmaking Tutorial 2013-06-22 by Darren Levine

Set basics: What is this box? What do we need it for?

$210 Audio Technica AT897 Shotgun microphone Filmmaking Review 2013-04-23 by Darren Levine

My original workhorse shotgun mic.

What are Lens Pens & Blowers? Filmmaking Tutorial 2013-04-06 by Darren Levine

These are the basic tools to always keep on hand to always keep your glass clean

$20 Mic power capsule for any 3.5mm 1/8" Microphones. Solves Canon C100 issue 2013-04-03 by Darren Levine

Got a camera with a powerless 3.5mm jack? this juices it up!

$3 Rain sleeve for your DSLR or small video camera - Filmmaking Review 2013-03-23 by Darren Levine

These cheap sleeves protect your camera. Buy millions of them.

Canon C100 - a short review for an amazing camera 2013-03-20 by Darren Levine

$40 tripod with 'fluid pan' ballhead, 17LB rated capacity - Review - Filmmaking 2013-03-17 by Darren Levine

It's a darn cheap tripod that's nearly all metal and comes with a respectable ballhead. What more can you want for $40?

$50 SDI-HDMI converter test & review 2013-02-23 by Darren Levine

Need to get SDI into your HDMI monitor? Here's the cheapest option

Legends of Light: Noise tests of a Canon C100, 5D mark 2, & Sony EX1 2013-02-10 by Darren Levine

Low light comparisons of 3 iconic ISO performers.

What is a C47 & what's it for? Filmmaking Tutorial 2013-02-03 by Darren Levine

Learning the basics of Filmmaking terminology

What else do you need besides the camera? Filmmaking Tutorial for newcommers 2013-01-23 by Darren Levine

The camera is just one thing you need, here we'll go over what else you need.

$200 Review of Cavision rig with shoulder pad, handgrips, rods & camera plate 2013-01-10 by Darren Levine

It's a rig, it's cheap, it is quite configurable, let's have a look.

Affordable Carbon Fiber 12' boom pole review 2013-01-06 by Darren Levine

Taking a look at an affordable ultra lightweight boom pole

$80 shoulder stabilizer Review 2012-12-23 by Darren Levine

This all metal and rubber stabilizer is impressive for the price, let's sexy review it.

$4 Power your Camera / Monitor / Light with AA batteries: 12v battery holder clip 2012-12-14 by Darren Levine

They cost a few dollars, they work with many cameras/monitors/lights, and just might save you in a time of need.

Under $30 RJ Matte Box / SunShade Review 2012-12-10 by Darren Levine

In this review we'll take a look at a matte box/sun shade for under $30.

$9 CF/SD card holder, Holds 12 cards, water tight, armor protective. 2012-11-23 by Darren Levine

With these cases being so inexpensive, there's really no excuse to be using the standard dinky plastic cases that come with CF/SD card retail packages

DIY Roller camera case, under $90, carry-on size with padded dividers 2012-11-23 by Darren Levine

Want an inconspicuous 22" roller camera case? Here's how!

$8 DSLR Flash grips - Add stability to your handheld camera shots 2012-11-10 by Darren Levine

Want a cheap, simple, effective way to stabilize your handheld shots?

Gunstock stabilizers for DSLRs & Video cameras 2012-10-26 by Darren Levine

One of the lesser known rig types for keeping your camera steady and your body less fatigued

Ultra Portable Light Stands - Fits in a camera bag, goes to 80" 2012-10-23 by Darren Levine

Light stands for ultra portable needs

Tips for getting your film accepted into a film festival. 2012-10-16 by Darren Levine

In this tip, festival director Darren Levine goes over in detail how they select the entrants and winners of the NYC Filmmakers Festival.

$17 Nikon lens to Canon body adapter with Aperture Control 2012-08-06 by Darren Levine

You have nikon lenses, and you want to use them on your canon camera. No problem!

$7 Hard drive storage case Review - Protect your bare 3.5" hard drives 2012-05-23 by Darren Levine

Need to store your bare drives safety? These cases do the trick.

$60 Hoodeye LCD Viewfinder with diopter & flip up Review 2012-03-13 by Darren Levine

In this product review, we'll see how the Hoodeye LCD viewfinder holds up to scrutiny.

How focus distance affects Depth Of Field 2011-10-16 by Darren Levine

In this quick tip we'll go over how adjusting the focus ring of your camera will affect how much of the image is in focus.

$99 RJ Follow focus unit - Low Play and dampened 2011-10-16 by Darren Levine

In this review we'll take a look at a nicely made follow focus unit which costs under $150

What are lens filters and why do i need them for filmmaking? 2011-10-06 by Darren Levine

In this quick tip we'll go over just what lens filters do, and what you should look for when buying them.

What are camera rods/rails? 2011-09-12 by Darren Levine

In this quicktip we'll show you what those sticks are coming out of cameras, and what to look for when buying a pair for yourself

Video codecs: What to know, how they work, and what to use. 2011-07-13 by Darren Levine

Here we'll talk a bit about codecs and some of the very basics you should know about them and how they affect your film/videos quality and size.

Review of Kamerar 7" articulating/Israeli arm lcd/camera mount for $18 2011-05-23 by Darren Levine

In this product review we'll take a look at a neat little israeli arm/mounting arm which costs barely 20 dollars.

What to look for when buying a filmmaking camera on a budget 2011-05-13 by Darren Levine

In this quick tip we'll go over a few things to lookm for when setting out to buy a filmmaking camera, but with a fairly low budget.

What is a follow focus? 2011-02-23 by Darren Levine

In this quick tip we'll go over what a follow focus unit does and how it can help you while shooting a film/video

Buying Flash media cards for your Camera: what you Need to know 2010-12-13 by Darren Levine

In this quick tip we'll go over a few raw essentials to always keep in mind when buying Compact Flash or SD cards.

DSLR Crop Factor & What makes Depth Of Field 2010-11-13 by Darren Levine

In this (sort of) quick tip, we'll go over just what the crop factor is for sensor sizes, as well as how that and lenses play a role in creating the Depth Of field.

Adjusting your exposure in a high light situation 2010-08-23 by Darren Levine

Is your image overexposed? Here in this quick tip we'll go over the various ways you can control the light coming into your camera to achieve proper exposure.

Video Lights: Color/Kelvin, CRI, Bulb types, & info on each 2010-07-23 by Darren Levine

Here we'll dive into some of the primary types of lighting you might need on a film set and the pros and cons of each.

DIY $14 Camera slide 2010-07-15 by Darren Levine

Here i'll show an absurdly inexpensive slider you can build for under $20 with common parts.

What is a matte box and why do i need it for Filmmaking? 2010-05-16 by Darren Levine

In this quick tip we'll go over just what a matte box does, and what you should look for when buying one.

Lens Aperture: What is it, How to use it, What you need to know for Photo/Video/Film 2009-04-13 by Darren Levine

In this quick tip we will go over the raw basics of how the lens aperture controls the light entering the camera, as well as some considerations you should be aware of when adjusting it.