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The Cutting Edge - The Magic of Movie Editing, a doc about editing

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OK, so this doc references all big time movies, nothin indie, but that's an important point in and of itself. If hollywood takes it seriously, chances are you with your indie film should take it equally as seriously. Editing is one of those things that sometimes just isn't thought highly enough of. This doc gives you a great little bit of history and insight into what goes into editing, and how it dramatically affects the outcome of a film.

What editing is not.

Editing is not taking what you shot and putting it in order and you're done.

Editing, regardless of how well the storyboarding and shooting was done, it can all fall apart if the editing is done without care and diligence. Editing ecompasses big decisions, such as determining if an entire scene is unnecessary, down to micro decisions of how many individual frames to add or subtract from a shot.

It's a commonly told hypothesis, that if you gave a group of editors the same footage, you would come out with a different film from each of them. And the great thing with this doc is that you hear a bunch of different perspectives, from both editors and directors. Each human has a different perspective, and to learn about other's perspectives, is to gain insight.

If you're an editor, or director, young, old, seasoned, newbie, etc... this is an entertaining short doc i highly recommend watching, and if you enjoy it, they sell the unabridged version here:

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Darren Levine

Darren Levine

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