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Cheap and (pretty) good cage for the Blackmagic cinema & 4K cameras

Pleasantly surprised with this cage, it seems to be by far the best bargain out there at the moment.

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I didn't want to spring for a fuller featured cage, as i don't have quite as much of a need, so 115 bucks for this was a no brainer.

Build quality
-Excellent solid metal
-Fits like a pretty decent glove
-The handle has nice soft rubber but with solid metal underneath

-I don't think i'll ever use the 15mm rod bracket, it's just too high, i have a shorter profile one. the rods are a useful size and i consider them a freebie.
-Other models have 2 holes per row on the side brackets instead of this model's single row, not a big deal, but limits your options more.
-The screws are screwy(see below

The main quirk of this unit are the screws, you only get 4, two of each length. you also get the standard tripod plate screws. Now, you need 1 screw on the bottom, and 2 on the top, 2 to mount the handle, and 2 to mount the 15mm bracket. doesnt add up, does it?

WARNING: do NOT use the longer screws on the top! you will damage your camera if you do. They are too long for either the handle or the top cheese plate and will bottom out on your camera. These screws are for mounting the 15mm bracket. Now, since all of these screws are 1/4", you can use them anywhere or change them out for other 1/4" screws. if you don't need the 15mm bracket, you can use some washers to make the longer screws work on the top.

So if you happen to have no other screws at your disposal, the way to make it work with what they give you is to use the short hex screws for the handle, 1 tripod screw on the bottom, and the other tripod screw on the top middle. sure it's preferable to use the other two top screw holes, but with all that surface area, i don't see it being an issue. add some more bolts if you want.

The other oddity, is why didn't they tap holes on the top front bracket? its the one place where you wouldn't run into the issue of bottoming out on your camera... good thing i have a tap, grab one of those, it allows you to make your own 1/4" holes, just be sure to get it strait.

And a word of caution, the metal is thick, but screws on many accessories are longer, you may need to add spacers such as washers to ensure you don't bottom out and damage your camera.

Added on 2014-03-09 by
Darren Levine

Darren Levine

Stimulus Video

DP/Videographer, Video/Film Editor
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