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Finally, an ultra small on camera mic that doesn't suck.

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I bought this to use on a C100, which if you remove the handle, has no built in mic. I wanted an ultra small directional mic that i could use for scratch audio.

Scratch audio doesn't need to be fantastic, so i wasn't looking for anything high end, but it was hard enough to find anything at all which was very small. Finally i came across the bronstein, which is only about as long as my middle finger, and about as fat as a quarter.

The quality of the audio is better than it should be. Again, i was only looking for something decent, so i was pleasantly surprised by the cleanness of quality of the sound this thing captures. I think no one should be expecting a full size shotgun mic equivalent, this is after all an on camera mic and you're not about to mount it onto a boom pole (but hey, if you're desperate....)


I would pin only one real negative on this:

-The build quality could be a lot better. it's mostly plastic and doesn't feel like a quality product (doesn't affect performance though)

And then a bunch of wishes/gripes

-The battery isn't as common, nor is it rechargeable. Thankfully you can find them on the cheap, and after several shoots, i'm still on the first battery. It makes sense too, the thing is too small to accommodate even a AAA size battery.
-The mount seems backwards, it's a female shoe instead of a male shoe which is what you need to connect to a cold/hot shoe. they do give you an adapter, but i can't figure the reason why they did it like that.
-I'd rather they made a 1/8" port instead of the cable. so we could choose any length without couplers.

And i would call it a bonus, but all mics do it so its pretty standard that it comes with a wind screen. Beware though, that it can only manage light breezes, anything heavier you'll want to get a fluffier variant

But again, it's a sub $100 mic, so these are really nitpicks. The quality of the sound and the size are what you're buying, and both of those things it does a lot better than it should

Added on 2013-10-07 by
Darren Levine

Darren Levine

Stimulus Video

DP/Videographer, Video/Film Editor
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