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The old but brilliant acting class taught by Michael Caine - Full length

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Acting is as complex as any performance art, and any actor, both aspiring or even experienced, should gobble up any knowledge and technique that is available.

This is a long form video, unlike most of the bits and pieces videos you'll find on mediahalo, if you have the time, and you should make it, watch it all the way through. It's an easy read so to speak.

A decently long time ago, Michael Caine recorded a master class he taught, and it is a great video, you get to watch it like an audience member as well as the person behind the camera. He's a brilliant and engaging teacher and his voice is just do damn soothing, i'm watching the whole thing whilst writing this article just because.

I personally have a fleeting relationship with acting. I've always been more magnetized towards all the technical stuff(as if it weren't obvious from the shooting tutorials), but i have enjoyed acting and the few classes i took, and recently was entirely on the acting end of things for a feature earlier in 2013 which i enjoyed quite a bit. Watching this class makes me want to do more acting, even just to try all the dynamics Caine delves into.

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Darren Levine

Darren Levine

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