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How to use Camera Raw to grade video in Adobe CC

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Video by on Giulio Calisse on Vimeo 

Camera Raw is available as part of Adobe Photoshop   

If you're familiar with camera raw, you know how great it is for adjusting a photo's look, and if you're a video person, you've probably had the thought: Wow, this would be utterly amazing if i could grade video using this tool.

I have had that thought many times, but never thought adobe would enable such functionality. I mean, considering their own speedgrade and premiere software which have grading tools for video, why would they? 

Sure glad they did though, because camera raw has tools that those other softwares don't, and some things they do in a simpler manner. The more tools we have to fine tune our images, the better. It looks to work just as a photo, bring it in and edit away.

Now, the main annoyance of this is that it's only for CC. I'm one of those few(many) folks who are not entirely pleased with Adobe's new pay per month model, and have stuck with CS6 which is still a very capable software. It seems adobe's evil plan of adding enough enticing new features may eventually sway even the most stalwart of us. This is one of those features. Of course, if you're already very speedgrade savy/own filmconvert/magicbullet/etc... and know how to use them, then you may be perfectly pleased as is. 

There's just something about the basic interface of camera raw that really appeals to me.

In any case, once you've got the look, you can export it right to adobe media encoder. Pretty nice. I still have some quesitions though, because i have not seen mention of any sort of dynamic link to apply the grade to an active Premiere project. It seems you may need to add the grade before you edit, or when you've got your final cut but before text/etc... is added.

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Darren Levine

Darren Levine

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