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Affordable Carbon Fiber 12' boom pole review

Have a look:

It's a long boom pole, and it's made of carbon fiber, and it's inexpensive. We'll that pretty much sums it up now doesn't it? But ok, i'll elaborate a bit:

Firstly, i'll be honest, im not an audio guy, and i actually bought this as a gopro jib as opposed to an audio solution, and it works damn nice in that fashion i must say. It maxes out at around 12 feet, and packs down to just under 4 feet, so it's not the smallest packdown in the world, if that is important to you. My first question when i got the item was: how much "reserve" CF is inside each of the sections, meaning, when you extend a section, how much of that section is left in the prior section for stability. Unscrewing the twist lock revealed a very nice amount of reserve, great.

Now how about the twist locks? Well, they are indeed plastic and not metal, but they do feel nice, i love the rubber that encases them. Will it last for years of use and abuse? hard to tell, but again, this is a budget boompole, you can't have your cake and bake it too or whatever the saying is. If you take care of your equipment like i like to do, it'll probably be just fine. If you rent your stuff out, or like to beat it up, then you probably should shell out the extra cash for something that's built for it.

The one actual issue i did have was that the shock mount screw at the long end did come out, but the seller was very helpful in resolving that issue, offering to pay for the repairs or to pay for the shipping to take it back and repair it. They have assured me that the glue issue responsible has been fixed and all shipping poles are solid.

Is there flex? a bit, especially at the long end, but that's to be expected, and it isn't fishing pole with a trout on the end of it extreme, but if you're looking for an ultra stiff pole, probably need to go for metal and/or more expensive options.

Lastly and probably its biggest selling point: It's light as heck! it's right around a pound, 500 grams. wow! I was on a set where i happened to have it with me and i asked the audio guy if he would like to use it, seeing as he had an all metal pole which probably weighed a few pounds. He graciously declined, but did ask to hold it, and cursed me with envy when he felt how light it was.

Oh, and the bottom endcap sucks. So any end-cap aficionados better steer clear.

For the price, it's a nice bit of kit, all my issues with it are small quirks and not significant considering how much you'd need to pay to get the same features in a higher end brand.

Added on 2013-01-06 by
Darren Levine

Darren Levine

Stimulus Video

DP/Videographer, Video/Film Editor
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