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$25 Build your own pole pole with shock mount

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While good boom poles are great to have, they might not fit the budget of those just starting out. Off to the DIY's, In this one, there's no cutting, just a little gluing and that's it, clean and simple.

He uses a bulb change pole, but as he mentioned you can use any broom style pole, as they all share the same threaded end. So be sure to browse the painting, lighting, and cleaning isles of your home improvement store to compare the possibilities.

One minor change i might suggest on this one is to replace the zip tie with some ultra short screws. Won't change the performance, but will ensure the hooks stay in place, though it's entirely likely the zip tie will do that just fine as well. The main limitation to this particular design is that you cannot change the angle of the mic, but a simple fix is in the painters isle, they sell angle adapters. I know of these two:

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Darren Levine

Darren Levine

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