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Panasonic Announced DVX-200, a fixed lens 4/3 format camera

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Well, leave it to panasonic to throw a wrench into people's expectations. I personally love it, here's why:

It's a fixed lens, 4/3 sensor format camera. Already people are complaining how it's a fixed lens, but i personally like it. We have tons of interchangeable lens cameras, what we don't have are affordable large sensor ENG style cameras. Granted the $5Kish price tag and prosumer styled body are not entirely affordable or traditional ENG style, but nonetheless it fills a gap that i've been waiting for manufacturers to address. 

I have been shooting the C100 for awhile now, an EX1 before that. I still miss the EX1 for lots of situations and reasons, and i've been hoping against hope that the 1/2" sensor'ed EX1 would get one-upped by something a touch larger. And here it is:

Full details are not out yet, but here's what we know:

  • New, 4/3 size sensor
  • 12 Stops Dynamic Range
  • 4k Recording to SD cards
  • V-LOG L Gamma
  • Up to 60fps in 4k, 120fps in 1080
  • 13x Lens, f2.8-4.5 - 29.5-384.9 FF equivalant in 4k mode.

There are already a ton of similarly styled camears on the market, but most are 1080, and most have 1/3" or smaller sensors. There is absolutely a gap that this camera can fill if the performance is up there. 

The lens

This will be the big deciding factor for a lot of folks, some of which may be wondering where they left their 35mm adapter (remember those?). But i'm looking at this as a marriage made in heaven, or at least darn close to it. I love the m43 and s35 formats (and even FF from time to time) But the main thing i've been missing is a parfocal ENG zoom lens for any such format that doesn't cost a fortune.

Believe me, i've tried B4 lenses, adapters, and such, but nothing on a budget can compare. The EX1 was brilliant, and its 1/2" sensor and f1.9 lens were a great pair and could get some nice background separation. But i moved on to the C100, and love it save for that ENG lens desire. Some folks are stuck on the mentality that if they need wider, they can't go wider, or if they need more tele, they can't get more tele without front mounted adapters which in many cases are poor quality. Yes, totally true, but at the same time many folks including myself have gotten and continue to get great usage out of fixed lens cameras. Heck, bring a GH4 along as a backup! Speaking of GH4, what a perfect B cam for the DVX200. 

If this camera hits all the other marks, it very likely will find its way into my bag. 

Since this is an early press release, i will update this post as more details arise.

The Panasonic DVX200 - 4K Large-Sensor Camcorder in Red from cinema5D on Vimeo.

Added on 2015-04-13 by
Darren Levine

Darren Levine

Stimulus Video

DP/Videographer, Video/Film Editor
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