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$7 Hard drive storage case Review - Protect your bare 3.5" hard drives

Check it out:

An unreviewed but neat one that does both 2.5" and 3.5"

These look a bit more bulky but with better cushioning:

These are nice if you need a bunch:

So you've got terabytes of storage, and external hard drives are taking up all your space? Clean it up with this solution which I've been using happily for years!

Hard drive docks are quite simple and handy, you plug the dock into the computer and give it power, and just dock in a bare hard drive and away it goes. I have two docks, one usb 3, and one that is in a 5.25" bay in my tower, that way i can do easy transfers between drives. When not in use, i pop the drives into these cases. 

The cases are very basic, the design lends itself to storing them on top of each other, they won't slide around. I prefer however to store them side by side, which is a minor annoyance because of the same groves that try to keep the cases from sliding, but no biggie. The only other thing of note is that these just have a little bit of foam in the lid, which yes provides a little cushion, i think however it shouldn't be expected to handle being tossed around, that bit of foam seems to be primarily for keeping the drive snug and not moving.

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Darren Levine

Darren Levine

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