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Gopro Hero4 series announced - More flavors, more powers

Back in black

Gopro dominates the action/minicam market. While there are several competitors which are great performers, gopro has remained the big dog. So what does this new line have to offer?

Silver gets a feature Black does not?

Aside from this one tidbit, we'll be looking primarily at the top end model: The lower end silver edition for some reason gets a built in touchscreen, while the top end black edition does not. I'm still looking for a reason for this, but haven't found a good one yet. 

Stacking up the new features

4k, obviously! OK, some are aware that the Hero3 black does 4k, but only up to 15fps, not very useful, so the Hero4 does 4k up to 30fps. Aside from that, they make the same claims as last time: that it's 2x as good as the prior Hero3 line. They also added bluetooth and some additional controls and shooting modes. Of particular interest are the new timelapse/lowlight features. Long have i desired the ability to do long exposure shots on the gopro and they finally have answered.


They've also upgraded the audio performance, and while that's great and all, i still don't see these cameras as being sought after by audiophiles. Could be wrong. 

They also claim more control with protune, with ISO, exposure, and "more". Again, this is something that many people have wished for on these cameras, yes the full auto is one of the big appeals to the action sports market, but the wide adoption of these cameras in other markets leaves many people wanting more control, and they've given it.(Finally)

Slow motion 

Can now be had at 120fps in 1080 mode. If you've not had a change to go that slow, it's pretty darn cool the first time you try it out. Be careful. it can become addictive. 


The least enticing part of the equation is the price: $500 for the black edition. While steep, i can't say it's overpriced considering how much you're getting for it, which is to say: quite a bit.

Availability is listed as October 5th, next week!

Added on 2014-09-29 by
Darren Levine

Darren Levine

Stimulus Video

DP/Videographer, Video/Film Editor
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