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Review of Kamerar 7" articulating/Israeli arm lcd/camera mount for $18

Buy link:

Same thing, different badge:

longer 11" version:

This arm is likely the exact same as several others that look visually identical, yet another case of a single chinese factory rebranding for several brands. But no matter which brand you get it from, a badge won't change its performance.

It's a very simple device which lets you relocate any of your 1/4" or shoe accessories so that they don't have to be right up against the camera. It allows you to have a more customized rig with improved personal ergonomics. 7" doesn't seem like all that much, but i tend to use this one much more than the 11" version. But on to the details...

It's made of practically all metal, except for the release knob, which looks and feels like nice thick plastic. It feels very solid and strong, i don't have a feeling it will fail in its job. The single release knob controls all of the joints, they all lock or unlock together, nice and simple.

The one little thing I made an adjustment to, is I added some rubber washers to the shoe and shoe adapter, becase i found that for my particular rigs/uses, I needed to tighten it a bit too much to ensure that those parts wouldn't slip, and tightening that much makes for a bit of an annoyance for removal. Adding some simple rubber washers helps make sure things stay in place with less tightening.

Being that it's a very inexpensive item, it's a no brainer to have one or two around for when you might need them, better to have it and not need it, etc...!

Added on 2011-05-23 by
Darren Levine

Darren Levine

Stimulus Video

DP/Videographer, Video/Film Editor
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