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Kipon EF to M43 adapter with Autofocus Review: A Total Bust


I don't like giving bad reviews, as such i typically only buy and review items that i'm pretty sure i'll have at least something good to say about. Leading up to this product, i saw some great demo vids about it, Kipon had a big press release, it all looked legit.

The question marks started when the announced release date came and went with no release or update. It eventually appeared on ebay from china only, and on Adorama's site but on perpetual backorder. I had an upcomming trip i wanted to use it on, so i made the chinese plunge.

What i got in the mail looked good, felt good, had no shipping damage... and worked almost zero percent on any of the 5 lenses i tried on my GH4. I've tried emailing and tweeting the manufacturer repeatedly with no response, the seller just references a lens compatibility chart which shows that lots of lenses don't work, but that mine should at least be doing something.

Behavior is erratic, at no point did i get any focusing, and changing aperture typically resulted in rapid fluttering of the iris. All very strange and obviously not what it's supposed to be.

Lenses i tried:
Canon 24-105L
Sigma 18-250
Canon 70-300 5.6
Canon 28-135
Sigma 28

It's one thing to get a lemon, it happens, but i've been completely ignored by the manufacturer, and thus feel no remorse about calling this a bust of a product.

Added on 2015-08-07 by
Darren Levine

Darren Levine

Stimulus Video

DP/Videographer, Video/Film Editor
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