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Just Announced: RX100 Mark 3 - The best point and shoot gets a tad better

Now available for pre-order at B&H 

I've never actually heard of a point and shoot camera getting 3 successors, but then again, Sony claims they are all independent from one another and will continue to sell the mark 1 and 2 at their step-down prices.

As always with a first look, keep in mind the performance has to remain speculative until release, even though in this case we have several prior/related cameras to reference. For now we can just look at the differences/what's new

So, what's new?

-Lens is shorter but faster: a 24-70mm FF equivalant. f1.8-2.8
-There's a pop-up EVF (how cool is that?)
-No more shoe(get a flash bracket)
-The screen can flip up to point forward
-Upgrades to the BIONZ-X cpu, gains full pixel readout video
-50mbit XAVC-S codec (so... when's an RX10 firmware update?)
-Up to 120fps in 720p
-3 stop ND built in.
-No mic input (wait, what?)

Not a bad list of upgrades! Then again, for $800, you sure need some good reasons. The big oddity that makes no sense to me is the lack of a mic input. That completely rules out this camera's use for any situation where you want to use a lav/boom/external mic and don't have/don't want an external audio recorder.

The lens is an interesting modification. I personally would have the mark 2's longer lens, but that's my preference for what i like to shoot. 

The 50mbit codec is a breath of fresh air, as companies like sony have been very reserved at giving lower end consumer products even a bit higher bitrates. It should prove to help out a lot with high motion detail scenes.

120fps 720p? Why yes i think i'll have some of that! 60p is great, but when you get to 120p and up, you really start to get that magical level of surreal. If you've never tried it, you'll love it.

A pop-up EVF, that's just neat. Sometimes you want an EVF, but for the times you don't and when you want to pack it up, it tucks away. I like it.

ND filter built in. Love it in the RX10, suprised they squeezed it into here.

The BIONZ-X processor is just their beefy cpu, but it's great because it reads the entire sensor instead of line skipping, which translates into a more detailed/sharper video with far less moire/aliasing.

Is it a worthwhile upgrade from the mark 1? Totally. From the mark 2? Not quite as much, but it does make a compelling argument.

Added on 2014-05-16 by
Darren Levine

Darren Levine

Stimulus Video

DP/Videographer, Video/Film Editor
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