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Syd Field Screenwriting Workshop

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Writing isn't easy, that's the first truth. The second is that unless you learn as much as you can from experienced writers, chances are you'll not develop the proper writing skills.

This seminar by Syd Field is a rare freebie in long form. Syd is the author of one of the more highly regarded books on writing. It is a traditional take on writing, and while there are different practices and theories than what's gone over in this seminar, it is all solid info that is well presented and i would think of it as your base of knowledge for writing, where you can then build upon with other expert's advice and theory.

The uploader of this series on youtube also had the course breakdown listed: 

Part I - Getting Started
Forming the idea into a dramatic entity with beginning, middle and end:

• Isolating the idea
• Creating the subject
• Breaking it down into action and character
• The nature of screenplay structure
• Structuring your story line
• Writing the four-page treatment

Part II - Creating Character
The heart, soul and nervous system of your screenplay:

• What makes a good character
• The essence of dramatic need
• Creating the character biography
• The tools of character
• The circle of being

Part III - Writing The Screenplay
Here's what we do and how we do it:

• Set up the story
• Write the story
• Structure the screenplay into acts
• Stress the importance of the first ten pages
• Determine the plot points
• Set up and prepare Act II
• Establish Pinch I and Pinch II
• Establish the sub-dramatic context

Part IV - Rewriting the Screenplay
All writing is rewriting:

• Approaching the rewrite
• Rethinking what you have written
• Redefining and re-establishing the theme, premise, and dramatic action
• The tools of rewriting
• Discovering character through action
• Sharpening and focusing character
• Setting up and paying off the elements of the story line

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