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TrekPak - A new type of organizer for your camera cases

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In the video, Emm over at cheesycam shares his setup of this new alternative to pluck foam and padded dividers: Trekpak.

What is Trekpak?

Quite simply, it appears to be nothing more than corrugated plastic (coroplast) sandwiched in between layers of protective foam. The clever part is in the clips that slip into the coroplast's holes to secure the sections together. The result is something that a lot of people are raving about. While i love my camera bag which uses velcro padded dividers, i am certainly no fan of having to adjust the velcro. 

Awhile back i posted a DIY camera case which i used for a few years before switching to a large backpack, and I've never looked back. I mostly work around NYC, and i got tired of hauling cases up and down the subway stairs, the backpack distributes the weight amazingly and holds nearly as much as the 1510 pelican.

I may be moving though, and using a car more for equipment transport. If that happens, i doubt i'll be able to resist picking up a 1510 and trekpak. The style is somewhat similar to aluminum hard cases, which use stiff padded dividers which slide into slots along the edges of the case. Those certainly aren't perfect, and the Trekpak looks to be a very nice refinement/new take on that style of case dividing which maximizes both flexibility and space.

mauromedia also had nice things to say about the case, and posted their red epic all packed in:

One question that i have not seen answered is: how well do empty cells hold together? The pin system works from the top, leaving the bottom of the sections unsecured except for friction with other sections. Digging through reviews and forums, no one seems to have had any cave-ins.

Looking at the thickness of the foam, it's certainly questionable how fragile an item you can safely roll around town with. Again, users seem plenty happy with the amount of protection, but there was mention on reduser that they were working on an 'industrial' version with thicker foam and longer pins. Thus far though, no sign of it. 

There is a brief thread on reduser discussing the trekpak and people showing their cases all built up. It's always worth sifting through forums to see what real world experiences people have had with a product.

Variety wise, Trekpak makes dividers for what seems the entire pelican case line. The Pelican 1510  being the most popular due to fitting within airline carrying limits. They are also expanding into certain backpacks.

Summed up

If you have a pelican, or are looking to get one, you should take a strong look at Trekpak, as someone who has used plenty of pluck foam and velcro padded dividers i can attest to the lack of refinement in either method. If the amount of cushion has you feeling unsure, you can always double up the walls, or put in some loose foam which i do all the time with my various cases for extra fragile items. 

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Darren Levine

Darren Levine

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